Era uma vez, outra vez...

The play is presented by a storytelling dragon and takes place many years ago in a magical forest where little beings, the elves, lived. One of them was very special, Arak, a little being with a big heart, who had a very special dream... to fly! And it is from here that Arak, the elf, discovers the great mystery that lurks in that forest and discovers that judging people by their appearance can lead to misunderstandings.

Original Idea:  Argenis Nunes e Mericia Lucas

Puppeteers:  Argenis Nunes e Mericia Lucas

Soundtrack and live music: Bruno Lucas

Voice of the dragon: Duarte Rodrigues

Construction: Argenis Nunes e Mericia Lucas

Technique: marionetas de fios e fantoches

Time: 30  min

Audienceall audiences