A carta da corcunda para o serralheiro

"Susana Nunes is Maria José, Fernando Pessoa's only female literary personality, who wrote a letter to the locksmith with whom she fell platonically in love. She, young, hunchbacked, paralysed and dying of tuberculosis, writes this letter to pretend that it was he who wrote to her ... Argenis Nunes and Merícia Lucas make a prologue with music and dancing puppets, demonstrating more strongly the happy world that Maria José is denied." - Tela Leão

Organisation and original ideaTela Leão Guarani Kaiowá  (Associação Partilha Alternativa )

Actress: Susana Nunes

Puppeteer:  Merícia Lucas

Accordion: Argenis Nunes

Construction: Argenis Nunes e Mericia Lucas

Techniquestring puppets

Time: 30  min

Audienceall audiences